5 Lower Back Stretches for Tightness & Pain Relief

Lower back pain is something that many adults experience. The pain may come with age or simply as a side effect of sitting for long periods of time. Overview General Tips for Stretching to Relieve Back Pain 5 Lower Back Pain Stretches for Tightness Follow Along Lower Back Pain Stretch Read more

Wrist Stretches for Yoga (EASY Follow Along)

Here’s a Quick 5 minute Wrist stretches for yoga that you can Follow Along with! Do these stretches anywhere – at your desk or find yourself a comfortable surface to sit on like a yoga mat. You can do these wrist stretches a few times a day as you need Read more

Neck Stretches for Stiff Neck (EASY Follow Along)

This is a quick 5 minute follow along stretch routine where we’ll target neck stretches for stiff neck. This video is part of the 5 MINUTE “Create-Your-Own” Stretch Series over on my YouTube channel (Journey to Mobility), where I’ll be creating more 5 minute stretch videos that target specific areas Read more

Physiotherapy Exercises For Upper Back Pain (with Pictures)

I gave online Physiotherapy a try and I wanted to walk you through the process of my diagnosis, physiotherapy exercises for upper back pain that I was recommended and my progress pictures! [Update – See my most recent backbend progress, July 2020] Overview What is Phyxable? My Background Flexibility Assessment Read more

At-Home Pancake Stretch Routine for Beginners

When I was extremely inflexible, I always wanted just being able to sit comfortably in a straddle and reach forward. I remember doing a partner stretch with a friend and having to hold onto her as support. Being in that position was very uncomfortable, I felt like my body limited Read more

4 Easy PNF Stretching Exercises to Improve Flexibility

In 2017, my goal was to work on my flexibility. I knew that training for flexibility would take time. To speed up the process, I took flexibility classes to learn what the most effective stretching techniques are. That’s when I heard about Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or PNF stretching exercises for Read more

8 Best Stretches to Reset Your Spine

Practicing these stretches every day will help reset your spine and correct posture. 8 Best Stretches to Reset Spine Health 1) Side Stretch In a standing position, reach your arm over your head to one side of your body and repeat on the other side. Slowly alternate from side to Read more

8 Effective Stretching Tips for Inflexible People

When we age, we start to realize that flexibility is a skill. It affects how we move everyday from doing simple tasks such as getting in and out of the car, tying your shoes, bending or reaching over to pick something up. Stretching promotes flexibility and helps your joints maintain Read more

Static Stretching Benefits and Examples

For many years, I would workout without stretching. I only realized why stretching was important when my body started getting more and more stiff over time. In order to stretch more, I did research on some static stretching benefits and examples that I could use to make my workouts better. Read more

7 Basic Stretches for Tight Hip Flexors

A lot of people experience tightness in their hips. You use your hips when you stand up from a seated position, while you’re walking, running, or jumping. My hips were very tight when I first started stretching. I remember feeling a tugging sensation in my hips and thighs. Now, I Read more

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