30 Day Stretching Challenge for Beginners

Let’s Kick Start the 2021 with a 30 Day Stretching Challenge – This Challenge is for Beginners/Inflexible people who want to stretch more regularly and just feel great about moving.

In the process, I hope that you’ll enjoy making time for yourself each day to stretch and really learn about YOUR body as you breathe & relax into the stretches. Remember to Invite your friends & family to join in this challenge!

30 Day Stretching Challenge Details

  • We’ll be stretching for 15-20 minutes Everyday
  • The Links to each of the videos are in the PDF calendar
  • Take Progress Pictures on Day 1*
  • Cross off one day of stretching at a time ✅

*I recommend “Happy Baby” pose as demo-ed in this video, you can also take pictures of your current progress with touching your toes, splits etc (to use as a reference as you continue along in your journey in the future).

Download your 30 Day Stretching Calendar

❤️ Download your Free PDF Calendar

▶️ 30 Day Stretching Challenge Youtube Playlist

30 Day Stretching Challenge for Beginners

Helpful Tips for 30 Day Stretching Challenge

  • Have a clear mindset: “Maybe I was never flexible BUT, it’s something I CAN work on”
  • Set your Intention to stretch: “I will [Stretch] at [TIME] in [LOCATION].”
  • Create a Place for stretching (I used to have a fluffy rug in front of a mirror with my stick figure stretch routine where I would stretch every night)
  • Print out your Calendar and Keep it where you can see it everyday 🙂 Ex. living room, your desk
  • Focus on How your body feels while doing the stretches (How are you breathing? Which stretches feel the best / are most challenging for you? Are you aware of which muscles you are stretching? How do you feel after stretching? Are any of the stretches getting easier over time? Are you able to correct your form? etc)
  • CELEBRATE the small wins ???? ** ALL OF THEM!

**Flexibility is really training your body for the long haul – although you might not see results in months, everything ADDS up. It took me about 5-7 months to really see myself do amazing amazing things. I believe that you can get there too!


If any of the stretches are TOO HARD… That’s totally okay :)! There are always ways to modify the stretches by using a pillow, yoga strap or even a towel. Focus on getting the correct FORM, above all else. Don’t force yourself, more practice will get you there!

If any of the videos are too easy…. Feel free to swap out a video with another video that you prefer. For example, If you love the 12 min Hips routine then do that one instead of Beginner Hips! So long as you’re stretching – I’m happy hehe

If you’re working on specific Flexibility goals… You many want to swap out 1-2 of the videos with a video rom the Beginner Flexibility Series if you’re working on your front splits, side splits, pancake stretch: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

If you missed a day… I would just do the stretching video the next day and cross it off the same! The goal here is really to just stretch and spend the time for ourselves.


Every Journey begins with DECIDING to make that change for yourself. I really hope that completing this Stretching Challenge is a small step towards helping you feel better now & MOVE better in the future. Keep at it!

Please do Leave me a Comment & Send progress pics over on my Instgram: Journey to Mobility (It’s nice to feel like the late nights are worth it hehe)

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