New YouTube Channel for Beginner Flexibility (AUG 7, 2020)

Hi there! WELCOME to Journey to Mobility – a blog I started back in September 2019. This will be a bit of a different post but I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be launching a New YouTube Channel where I post FOLLOW ALONG Stretch Routines for Beginners (& Inflexible Read more

30 Day Stretching Challenge for Beginners

Let’s Kick Start the 2021 with a 30 Day Stretching Challenge – This Challenge is for Beginners/Inflexible people who want to stretch more regularly and just feel great about moving. In the process, I hope that you’ll enjoy making time for yourself each day to stretch and really learn about Read more

5 Lower Back Stretches for Tightness & Pain Relief

Lower back pain is something that many adults experience. The pain may come with age or simply as a side effect of sitting for long periods of time. Overview General Tips for Stretching to Relieve Back Pain 5 Lower Back Pain Stretches for Tightness Follow Along Lower Back Pain Stretch Read more

Wrist Stretches for Yoga (EASY Follow Along)

Here’s a Quick 5 minute Wrist stretches for yoga that you can Follow Along with! Do these stretches anywhere – at your desk or find yourself a comfortable surface to sit on like a yoga mat. You can do these wrist stretches a few times a day as you need Read more

Neck Stretches for Stiff Neck (EASY Follow Along)

This is a quick 5 minute follow along stretch routine where we’ll target neck stretches for stiff neck. This video is part of the 5 MINUTE “Create-Your-Own” Stretch Series over on my YouTube channel (Journey to Mobility), where I’ll be creating more 5 minute stretch videos that target specific areas Read more

My Backbend Stretch Progress (2 Month Results)

Two months ago, I started working on my back flexibility. Up until this point, I focused only on getting my splits. Working on my back was a completely new challenge and at first, I really didn’t know where to start. After taking a few physiotherapy sessions, I had an ‘aha-moment’ Read more

Physiotherapy Exercises For Upper Back Pain (with Pictures)

I gave online Physiotherapy a try and I wanted to walk you through the process of my diagnosis, physiotherapy exercises for upper back pain that I was recommended and my progress pictures! [Update – See my most recent backbend progress, July 2020] Overview What is Phyxable? My Background Flexibility Assessment Read more

At-Home Pancake Stretch Routine for Beginners

When I was extremely inflexible, I always wanted just being able to sit comfortably in a straddle and reach forward. I remember doing a partner stretch with a friend and having to hold onto her as support. Being in that position was very uncomfortable, I felt like my body limited Read more

2 Weeks of GoodFood Honest Review (with Pictures!)

Meal Kit deliveries are a fun way to try out new recipes and prepare food for 2-4 people. This month we decided to try out GoodFood. In this GoodFood review, you’ll learn about how meal kit delivery works, what I paid for 2 weeks of GoodFood, how we would rate Read more

One Minute Healthy Matcha Mug Cake

Since this whole self-isolation thing, I’ve been craving sweets. My go-to recipe has been mug cakes. I’ve made at least 20 mug cakes for myself and others… but because I didn’t measure out the ingredients, it was always quite inconsistent. Sometime, it’d be too dry or not quite the cake-like Read more