My Backbend Stretch Progress (2 Month Results)

Two months ago, I started working on my back flexibility. Up until this point, I focused only on getting my splits. Working on my back was a completely new challenge and at first, I really didn’t know where to start. After taking a few physiotherapy sessions, I had an ‘aha-moment’ Read more

Physiotherapy Exercises For Upper Back Pain (with Pictures)

I gave online Physiotherapy a try and I wanted to walk you through the process of my diagnosis, physiotherapy exercises for upper back pain that I was recommended and my progress pictures! [Update – See my most recent backbend progress, July 2020] Overview What is Phyxable? My Background Flexibility Assessment Read more

My Backbend Progress (Before Pictures)

I always thought that I had good posture. Ever since ninth grade math class, I practiced sitting at the edge of my chair with a straight back. It wasn’t until the last few years where I started noticing pain in my upper back that would persist for days. The pain Read more

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