30 Day Stretching Challenge for Beginners

Let’s Kick Start the 2021 with a 30 Day Stretching Challenge – This Challenge is for Beginners/Inflexible people who want to stretch more regularly and just feel great about moving. In the process, I hope that you’ll enjoy making time for yourself each day to stretch and really learn about Read more

New YouTube Channel for Beginner Flexibility (AUG 7, 2020)

Hi there! WELCOME to Journey to Mobility – a blog I started back in September 2019. This will be a bit of a different post but I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be launching a New YouTube Channel where I post FOLLOW ALONG Stretch Routines for Beginners (& Inflexible Read more

My Side Splits Progress in Just 2 Weeks

My New Year’s Resolution for 2020 was to see how long it would take for me to get my side splits. My goal was to stretch every morning for 10 minutes and every night for 45 minutes. I did a similar splits challenge in 2018 where I went from not Read more

8 Tips to Get the Last Few Inches of Front Splits

At the 5 month mark, my left splits was 3 inches away from the ground and my right splits was 4 inches. I was at the last few inches of my front splits, but I couldn’t quite get down all the way. I did some research, made a few changes Read more

Best PNF Exercises For The Splits

My goal was always to get the splits. I stretched 2 times a week for months without seeing any progress. Then I took a flexibility class where I learned PNF stretching exercises for front splits which made my stretching routine a lot more effective. Using this technique, I went from Read more

Can Everyone Do The Splits? Do This Side Split Test!

For some people, getting the splits is a life-long goal. Then there’s people like me who just wanted to be able to touch their toes! I started training for the splits when I was 24. Prior to that, I was inflexible my entire life. I remember wondering if it was Read more

How To Do the Splits For Beginners: Step-by-Step

Training for the splits can take months or even years of practice. However, you only need to know a hand full of stretches to get started. This step-by-step guide for beginners will teach you everything need to know about the splits and how to do them. Overview Stretches to prepare Read more

Which Split is Easier: Front Split vs Side Split

Getting your splits is often seen as the ultimate test of flexibility. As a beginner, it can be confusing to know what the difference is between a front split and a side split. What square hips are and which muscles you need to actually stretch in order to reach your Read more

How to Do The Front Splits Fast for Beginners – 5 Easy Steps

When I first started training for the splits in 2017, I knew very little about stretching. After 5 months, I got my front splits on both sides! This was half the time I had originally estimated. How fast you get your splits really depends on your current level of flexibility. Read more

My Front Splits Journey (5 Month Progression)

November 2017, I started stretching consistently for my front splits. I promised myself to stretch every night for one hour until I got my splits. About five months and 150 hours later.. I got my splits on both sides! Read more to learn about my front splits journey. Background I Read more