Hey There! Welcome to Journey to Mobility

My name is Elaine. Journey to Mobility is a blog that I created to share with you what it’s like to train for flexibility when you know little about how to actually start. Don’t worry – I’ll be here as your guide.

On this blog you will find flexibility routines for beginners, stretches for muscle pain and healthy meal prep recipes that will make you feel like a chef!

I launched a New YouTube Channel with Follow Along Stretching Routines for Beginners. Come Stretch with me over on my channel: Journey to Mobility

Why I Started Journey to Mobility

Flexibility and mobility become more important as we age. I hope that Journey to Mobility will help you on your way to better movement (without pain!).

My purpose is to help people improve their range of motion and to experience what all of our bodies are capable of doing when we start to push our limits. – It’s going to amaze you.

My Fitness Journey

When I started fitness in the Summer of 2013 – one of my goals was that I wanted to start something that I would never stop. Fitness is something that I have continued to do for myself and that’s the way I think it should be. 

Growing up, I remember always being the one that was sick. I was 20 pounds underweight and I thought that that’s just the way my body was.

During my second year of university, I came across a pilates video on YouTube. I was back at home, it was around midnight but the feeling of excitement stuck with me that night. I told myself that I wanted to do this the very next morning. I’m thankful everyday that I did.

For the next 4 years, I did pilates, HIIT and weight lifting. This transitioned into my interest in nutrition, meal prepping and making healthier versions of food that I love eating. I was constantly learning, observing and challenging myself in new ways.

In 2017, I found myself going to the gym without a plan. It felt mindless and that was not the way I wanted to see fitness. I decided to try out pole for a month and it quickly took over my life :). I was excited again – but this time I was surrounded by people who were all on their own journeys. As I went to classes, I would see these women achieving their goals week after week and I couldn’t help but feel… amazed. This led me to explore flexibility which I’ve written about in this post, mobility and dance. All of which I was terrified to do but I knew that I was ready to start learning.

Follow Along!

My Progress Update 2020

Downward facing dog progress
Pancake stretch progress
400Starting my Back Bending journey, April 2020!
bridge pose 2 month results

Keep learning and stretching, intentionally.

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