Wrist Stretches for Yoga (EASY Follow Along)

wrist stretches for yoga

Here’s a Quick 5 minute Wrist stretches for yoga that you can Follow Along with! Do these stretches anywhere – at your desk or find yourself a comfortable surface to sit on like a yoga mat. You can do these wrist stretches a few times a day as you need to relieve wrist pain.

These are great wrist stretches for yoga, gamers, artists, guitarists or if you are just looking for a few wrist stretches to do before a workout. I know that my hands feel numb sometimes after working all day on a computer and these stretches really help with bringing circulation back into our forearms/wrists.

Follow Along Wrist Stretches for Yoga

5 Minute “Create-Your-Own” Stretch Series on YouTube

This video is part of the 5 MINUTE “Create-Your-Own” Stretch Series over on my YouTube channel (Journey to Mobility), where I create 5 minute stretch videos that target specific areas of the body like our necks, wrists, lower back etc.

Pick and Choose from different 5 minute stretching videos in this series to “CREATE-YOUR-OWN” stretch routine. If you have 10 minutes to stretch, you can choose 2 videos. If you have 15 minutes to spare, choose 3 videos! For example, you can choose to do these wrist stretches and pair it with a neck stretch, if that’s where you’re feeling tight. You can choose the same area or different areas when the following day.

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journey to mobility youtube
journey to mobility

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