Neck Stretches for Stiff Neck (EASY Follow Along)

neck stretches for stiff neck

This is a quick 5 minute follow along stretch routine where we’ll target neck stretches for stiff neck. This video is part of the 5 MINUTE “Create-Your-Own” Stretch Series over on my YouTube channel (Journey to Mobility), where I’ll be creating more 5 minute stretch videos that target specific areas of the body like our necks, wrists, lower back – you name it!

In this video, we’ll be doing some NECK stretches for stiff neck and pain. You can do these neck stretching exercises right from your desk or sitting on the ground. Do these stretches as often as you need throughout the day to relieve neck pain and promote blood circulation in the muscles surrounding your neck.

Follow Along Neck Stretches & Exercises


  • Look side to side, ear to shoulder, up and down
  • Slow rotations one ear to another


  • Anchored side neck stretch
  • Anchored side neck stretch (looking down)
  • Neck rotation with hold
  • Chin tuck stretch with head down
  • Neck stretch with prayer hands
  • Neck flexion (look downwards and move head side to side)


  • Side neck massage

5 Minute “Create-Your-Own” Stretch Series on YouTube

Basically, if you have 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes to stretch you can Pick and Choose which areas of the body you’d like to stretch and “CREATE-YOUR-OWN” stretch routine. For example, you can choose to stretch your neck and pair that with a hip stretching video, if that’s where you’re feeling tight today. You can then choose the same or different areas when you’re stretching tomorrow. That way you can customize your routine to really target the areas that are tight for YOU – it’s different for everyone! I’ll also be creating a 5 minute full body stretch routine if you just want to get your body moving.

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