Easy Calf Stretch Routine for Muscle Tightness

The calf muscles (Gastrocnemius and Soleus) are located at the back of the leg just below the knee. When you are walking, your foot flexes and your calf muscles stretch to allow the balls of your feet to plant on the ground. This motion is important for performing dynamic exercises Read more

My Front Splits Journey (5 Month Progression)

November 2017, I started stretching consistently for my front splits. I promised myself to stretch every night for one hour until I got my splits. About five months and 150 hours later.. I got my splits on both sides! Read more to learn about my front splits journey. Background I Read more

7 Effective Stretching Tips to get your Front Splits Fast

I began my front splits journey in November 2017. Within 5 months, I got my splits! I had two goals in mind when I started: 1) to show myself that it’s possible for anyone to become flexible and 2) to see how quickly I could get there by learning how Read more