Physiotherapy Exercises For Upper Back Pain (with Pictures)

I gave online Physiotherapy a try and I wanted to walk you through the process of my diagnosis, physiotherapy exercises for upper back pain that I was recommended and my progress pictures! [Update – See my most recent backbend progress, July 2020] Overview What is Phyxable? My Background Flexibility Assessment Read more

3 Activation Exercises To Strengthen Upper Back

Some days you might find that you’re zoning out at the gym or just ‘going through the motion’ of a workout. We often forget that the brain is a muscle too. The ability to be deliberate with which muscles you use during a workout is called mind-muscle connection. Doing activation Read more

10 Simple Stretches for Mid Back Pain

Most people spend a lot of their day sitting at a computer or driving. When we sit for a long period of time, we put pressure on our spine. This can lead to muscle tightness in your upper and mid back region. Incorporating movements that elongate the spine and stretch Read more

11 Seated Stretches for Upper Back Pain

We are often unaware that the things we do everyday (without much thought) could increase our risk of developing upper back pain later on in our lives. Back and neck pain are often caused by lifestyle factors such as our posture, how we sit, stand, move and lift objects. When Read more