Supplements for Muscle Flexibility

Here are some supplements for muscle flexibility and to reduce pain. Overview Muscle Recovery & Flexibility Supplement Recommendations to Reduce Pain and Improve Flexibility Lifestyle Changes and Habits For Flexibility Muscle Recovery & Flexibility After a strenuous workout, there is a period of time where fibres in our muscles have Read more

Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Improve Flexibility

Many factors can impact our range of motion. The most common ones are injury or muscle tightness when we don’t stretch before and after a workout. One factor that is commonly overlooked is the role of inflammation. Anti-inflammatory foods can improve our flexibility while pro-inflammatory diets can increase inflammation. Inflammation Read more

Warm Up Routine Before Stretching

Why is it Important to Warm Up? No matter how long you’ve been training for, it’s important to always get in a good warm up routine before you start stretching. Warming up your muscles help to improve mobility. When your muscles are cold, they are not able to elongate. They Read more

6 Easy Ways to Make Exercise a Habit

A lot of people find it difficult to form an exercise habit and stick to it. Thankfully, there are strategies that make it easier to turn exercise into a habit that you can stick to. I’ve worked out six to seven times a week consistently for over 6 years. When Read more

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